Does my Florida Home insurance cover damages caused by my aquarium?

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Many homeowners love the idea of having an aquarium in their home. Aquariums are fun and beautiful to look at, but what if yours were to burst and cause damages to your home? Would your current Florida home insurance policy cover you?

If an aquarium breaks, will my FL home insurance replace it?

No, if your aquarium suddenly breaks, then your policy will not replace it. Sure, personal property is covered by a list of specific perils. If your tank breaks for no reason at all, you cannot file a claim for a replacement.

Now, if someone decides to break into your home and smashes your aquarium then you would be covered. This is considered as a covered loss. This would be considered as vandalism, and is covered by your home insurance in Florida.

What if my aquarium breaks, will I be covered for the water damage?

Nope. If your aquarium breaks for any reason, your liability for water damages will more than likely not be covered. Technically this would be considered as pet damage. These things come along with the responsibility of owning a pet. An aquarium tank breaks and leaks all the time.

What if my aquarium is stolen?

If your aquarium is stolen, your Florida home insurance will replace the stolen property. This would include the tank and all of its parts. Keep in mind that your policy will not actually replace fish.

What if my aquarium starts a fire?

As you may already know, aquariums do require electricity in order to operate various lights, pumps, and other equipment. A failure of this equipment can result in an electrical fire. If your aquarium pump started a fire, then you would also be covered.

Owning an aquarium is definitely risky business. Always double check your Florida home insurance policy. Carefully read over each line. If you are currently shopping around online for a policy, follow these tips to ensure you make the right decision.

First you need to determine how much coverage you need for your home. Florida is a high risk state so the more coverage the better. After determining your coverage levels, you are ready to collect quotes.

Quotes are definitely your gateway to finding better deals. Once you receive a quote you are happy with, review the company carefully, then finalize your policy. Always remember to thoroughly review your company before your final decision.